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Their specialised trade for colloid systems

We about us :

We are an enterprise itself on the production of colloid systems has specified.

Our products are defeated by a very high Effect. and high-class claim. Specialists from the chemistry at the age of more than 10 years of experience look, and lead our production processes with the biggest care, and exact exactness. So we are able to do also a constant quality of our products gun strips to you.

We stand also always in the topical information exchange with universities, to researchers and other institutes occupy itself especially with colloid systems. Therefore we can react fast, if there is important new knowledge. And give them as a customer at the same time the security which the products bought by us would correspond not only to a very high effectiveness and quality, sonder are at the same time on the most topical state of the today's research for colloid systems cotaken into consideration.

If you wanted experienced more about our enterprise, you simply write to us an email in : info@silberengel.com

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Wholesale & manufacturer for colloidal silver trade sales for silver sales worldwide colloidal silver colloids. (Argent colloidale, also known as the silver water.

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