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Die History to Silver & Colloidal Silver :

ca 2850 BC: Already prescribed doctors, surgeons, internists and drugs with silver-containing minerals.

approximately 2670 BC: The oldest verifiable handwritten papyrus dates from the ancient Egyptian times, these recipes have been a thousand years later listed in the Ebers Papyrus again. One of them should also silver have had a very high priority.

ca 2160 BC: Another medical manuscript of the so-called Old Kingdom is also missing, and even thousands of years later was again listed in the Ebers Papyrus.

ca 2100 BC: A surviving Mesopotamian cuneiform containing the Code of Hammurabi which contains a number of detailed descriptions of treatment methods and recipes, here are instructions on the use of silver were found.

about 2000 BC: Next Mesopotamian cuneiform inscriptions were found in the medical reference book of Sakikku well as to have come to a silver medical use.

ca 1850 BC: Another medical manuscript the Egyptian Kahun papyrus contains a collection of various treatment techniques. The Egyptians in your natural healing took silver leaf to open wounds to wrap it, and to protect them from infections.

1550 BC: A summary of many centuries of Egyptian medical papyrus Ebers called a treatise, and obviously is a collection of many centuries, it is also called the front desk elle excerpts. and contains sound medical information on the use of silver preparations.

ca 1500 BC: A further surviving medical manuscripts, the Egyptian Edwin Smith Papyrus, contains a collection of surgical techniques and surgical indications of the use of silver surgery.

about 1400 -1200 BC: The Hittites, Assyrians, and the Babylonians were me medicine surprisingly familiar. In many cuneiform They lay down treatments and diseases, topsy also evidence of the silver treatment in powder form

about 1000 BC: Many preserved Mesopotamian cuneiform writings contain a number of treatment methods, and recipes. Here also references to the use of silver have been found.

ca 765-702 BC: In Arab universities and medical schools treatment methods have been published, with details about the medical use of silver.

600 BC: Another ancient medical manuscript, the Egyptian snake Brooklyn book contains a collection of internal medicine recipes and hints on silver.

ca 480 BC: It was started in Greece to investigate the cause of diseases, and the impact of the existing remedies Pythagoras has laid the foundation for his studies of the Greek school of medicine.. His student Alcmaeon of Croton, and the physician Hippocrates who dealt specifically with the medical profession developed, continuing the Greek medicine and the medical theory. From this time, there are instructions for use on silver.

ca 460 BC: A grichischer historian Herodotus traveled to Egypt in order to benefit from the highly advanced medical knowledge. Egypt was-so Herodotus-a land of doctors. Also from this period there is evidence of the medical uses of silver.

450 BC: In establishing the grichischen Kos town, and Kindos to medical schools, wurde.Der taught where the healing easier diseases doctor had Asklepos the profound knowledge of surgery and medicine, the silver used in ground form, against a variety of ailments.

about 100 BC: The physician Asclepiades of Bithynia comb with his scientific medicine to Rome, where his pupil Themison of Laodicea founded the first school of the Roman doctors methodologists, which was also the teaching of the silver has been trained.

about 69 AD: The Romans preserved demonstrated drinks and food on silver coated metal containers to hold the liquid food fresh. Medical historian Pliny describes in his Pharmacopoeia (The Big Book of Health), the use of silver in medicine and pharmacology

approximately AD 200: The Roman Empire practiced already specialized physicians with sound Roman tradition. They had silver used in various preparations for use.

about 280 AD: A Roman physician Galen knew the name over 150 surgical procedures, and put his medical theoretical papers the foundation for today Applied Medicine, including the silver.

ca 702-765 AD: Arab healers documented medical use of silver in medicine.

about 900 AD: The Celtic Druids drew their metal containers inside with a thin layer of silver to make the drinkable liquids durable, and relatively clean.

ca 975 AD: The Arab herbalist doctor Gabir Ibn Haiyan al-Sufi describes in a seminal work, the properties, the importance and the use of silver in medicine, and refers to the present records of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs.

about 1020 AD: The Arab physician Avicenna treats his patients with silver preparations and well received by long-term use for the first time the phenomenon of argyria

1100 AD: The Chinese herbalists used silver in medicine for protection against microbes and bacteria. The silver used to be a drug against almost all infections and inflammations

about 1150 AD: Describes a university teacher Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), the effect of silver essences and silver amalgam in the Book # 9 of Physica - De Generatione Metallorum, especially in the chapter De Argento

1200 AD: The cable of the princes, emperors, nobles and kings passengers on trips the perishable food in silver containers. The food of the nobility was served on silver plates with silver dishes, and ate, and drank from silver cups. Supposedly the bluish skin discoloration Blut.-and-the nobles due to the fact that the noble men and women, and of course the children for years of eating with silverware constantly took small amounts of silver itself.

about 1250 AD: A university teacher name Konrad von Meyenburg describes in his book the book of nature, the effect of gold and silver essences and silver amalgam.

about 1520 AD: Another university teacher named Paracelsus describes in his publications the effect of silver essences and silver amalgam, and marks the first time the term for a Argentum potabile he developed silver essence, which he used for medicinal purposes in the past.

about 1620 AD: Herbalists and alchemists led to the potabile Argentum (Silver Essence) in the medicine, and also seem to have achieved remarkable effect

about 1630 AD: The military doctors ordered before the battle to swallow a piece of silver to prevent infections from wounds.

c. 1744 AD: A French chemist and alchemist Pierre Joseph Maques the thesis about the form of colloidal gold in a dispersion, thus creating the first foundations of the colloids, ahead arose at later times, the Colloidal Silver.

about 1798 AD: Samuel Hahnemann, a founder of classical homeopathy leads to silver as foliatum Argentum (silver leaf) and silver nitrate as a pharmacist in his lexicon as a remedy.

about 1800 AD: The doctors overcame the remedy to include silver nitrate in serious diseases such as skin diseases, inflammations, infections.

about 1810 AD: From the Middle Ages to modern times, the European farmers put silver coins in their milk containers to delay the souring and thus spoiling the milk. The surgeons did in the early Middle Ages, the silver promotes bone growth and accelerate the healing of injured tissue.

about 1820 AD: Samuel Hahnemann, a man of classic homeopathy performs as Argentum metallicum silver in colloidal form in the medical therapy.

about 1843 AD: The chemist Selmi becomes the first scientist to systematically explore colloidal metals, including silver.

about 1869 AD: The researcher Gustave Ravelin published a study on the antimicrobial activity of silver against microbes in very low dosages.

about 1880 AD: As the chemical industry in the 19th Century greater research, and at the same time many chemists were employed, the latter appealed always a silver coin in the Petrieschalen in order to sterilize them so.

c.1881 AD: The German obstetrician Dr. Carl Sigmund Franz Crede (1819-1892) introduced the application of silver nitrate in newborn babies to prevent a dreaded eye disease (eye gonorrhea).

about 1893 AD: The researcher Carl Naegeli (1871-1938), the first scientific rules about the most effective concentration of silver ions auf.Er describes the properties of silver with the term oligodynamically. He also finds out that even 0.0000001% silver ions sufficient fresh water contained in a germ to kill the Spirogyra.

about 1900 AD: The surgeon, Dr. William Halstead is first a silver impregnated associations in wound treatment. This silver dressings were until the end of the 2nd World War II (1945) used worldwide.

c.1901 AD: A newly discovered method to characterize a true colloid, the two researchers and U.Hille AlbertBarnes They combined a herbal product with a Silbersusammensetzung, and called it Argyrol, which was then pending.

about 1905 AD: To the 20th century, researchers committed to apply the so-called colloidal silver for use in general medicine.

about 1910 AD: In the 20th century is the researcher Dr. Henry Crookes (pharmacist) Prove for the antibacterial and antimicrobial effects of colloidal silver, colloidal silver, claiming it to people is completely harmless and non-toxic. He hypothesized that colloidal silver within 3-4 min. the unnamed bacteria, and other pathogenic microorganisms min in the latest sixth kills.

circa 1911 AD: Dr. Alfred Searle (pharmacist), boasts the proven healing properties of Colloidal silver in medicine, but also points to the disadvantages of the colloidal silver, for a colloidal silver solution, he said, can not be patented and has to hoche than mechanically produced silver production costs

about 1913 AD: The American physician and surgeon Dr. William Stuart Hallstead put in operation wounds a sanitized silver foils, and scored good curative results.

about 1914 AD: The famous medical journal Lancet published r a groundbreaking article on the successful use of colloidal syllable

about 1915 AD: Treats of Dr. P. Rose Legge eye diseases in adults with silver nitrate, and draws on the Cred'sche prophylaxis.

circa 1917 AD: In the famous English medical journal British Medical Journal published an article of the English physician Dr. Mark Howell on the successful use of colloidal silver in the treatment of infectious diseases of the mouth, throat and ears.

about 1918 AD: In the famous English medical journal British Medical Journal published an article about the successful use of intravenous conducted colloidal silver, which is reported in that it came through the treatment to avoid any disruption of renal function, and no phenomena argyrischen is.

about 1919 AD: The founder of Searle works and at the same time, Alfred Searle wrote had ample experience with colloidal silver is a highly regarded non-fiction book on the Industrial Applications of Colloidal Silver, entitled The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease Alfred Searle points out the surprising success of Colloidal silver in the treatment of disease, he wrote that the oral or subcutaneous (injected beneath the skin) use of Colloidal Silver for parasites fast and deadly acts without having a toxic reaction occurs, and at the users can cause damage. The colloidal silver is absolutely safe, so finally Alfred Searle.

1920 AD: The top American Medical Administration (FDA) granted approval as the colloidal silver medication as it was for the best broad-spectrum antibiotics his time.

ca 1921 AD: The pharmacist Henry Crookes produced silver-containing products, including Collsol Argentum, Collosol hydrargyrum, Collosol Ferrum, and numerous others.

1925 AD: The researcher Richard Zsigmondy receives for research into the chemistry of colloids and their properties the Nobel Prize.

about 1928 AD: A physicist from Switzerland developed this year a process, called the Katadyn water treatment process by colloidal silver, he had a patent for this process. The Colloidal Silver has been this year as part of silver treatments used by doctors worldwide as an antibacterial agent with great success.

about 1938 AD: The American Medical Administration (FDA) has issued guidelines on the production, the sale, the praise, and advertising for various remedies, including colloidal silver, as so-called pre-1938-drug act.

about 1940 AD: In World War 2 were produced in America, a number of silver compounds and patented, including Albargin, Argonin, Argyn, Argyrol, Largin, Lunosol, Novargan, Proganol, Eletragol, Silvol, and others.

about 1949 AD: report on a meeting of the Southern Medical Association, Dr. Sven Hellström on the use of colloidal silver in Lyme disease.

approximately 1953 AD: The annual meeting of the Southern Medical Association reports Dr. Sven Hellström. Again on the use of colloidal silver, and reaps a large part of his professional colleagues scorn and ridicule, he let himself be discouraged but not, but continued with his Silver Research

about 1955 AD: in 1913 by Dr. William halstead's first use of silver-impregnated dressings for the treatment of wounds were taken from the Physician's Desk Reference (PRD).

about 1960 AD: Worldwide were again produced disturbing resistance of different bacterial strains against the synthetic antibiotics (ex. penicillin), which led to great concern among physicians.

about 1961 AD: Some brave researchers began with the colloidal silver to continue our research. The reason was this: Since 1950, and especially since 1960, lost its vaunted as a wonder drug antibiotics (penicillin, tetra-Cillin, Isocillin, and others) their anti-infektielle effect because the microorganisms resists gradually, and thus were a major problem.

about AD 1968: This year, the first silver dressings and silver patches were re-introduced after the drug silver sulfadiazine developed and was ready for the market.

about 1973 AD: The Doctors Dr. Rober O. Becker, Dr. Marino, Dr. Flick AB, and Dr. Spadaro work at Veterans Administration Hospital in New York, a clinical trial on the use of silver-embroidered associations in the treatment of bone fractures. In the same year at Washington University in St. Lous, Missouri, a team of doctors led by Dr.Margraf recognizes the already almost forgotten universal antibacterial action of colloidal silver, and put it on numerous treatments again.

about 1975 AD: at Columbia University Dr. Charles Fox discovered in collaboration with Marion Laboratories, the silver-containing agents Silvadene and applied it successfully in the treatment of cholera, syphilis, and malaria.

about 1976 AD: work at the University of Vermont, the two doctors, Dr. Rober O. Becker, and Dr. AB Flick in the Orthopädischchirurgischen department a number of practical applications of silver dressings.

around 1978 AD: A journalist Jim Powell's name published in the magazine Science Digest, a brilliant article entitled Our Mightiest Germ Fighter of the colloidal silver provides a re-entry, a come back in the alternative medicine.

ca 1983-1986 AD: At Louisiana State University, Dr. Marino, and Dr. Albright numerous in vivo experiments on patients with chronic bone infections conducted in which they laid low-voltage electrical potentials of the silver dressings.

about 1985 AD: In 1986, the Canadian government published prophylactically a cautionary report on the side effects of Colloidal silver (argyria the phenomenon) is gray in color of the skin that occurs due to excessive deposition of silver in the human organs about. But this warning did not interrupt not the triumph of the colloidal silver.

about 1988 AD: At the School of Medicine's Center for the Health Sciences published by Dr. Larry C. Ford. Ferent a ground breaking study on the results of several tests, which show that kolloidaes silver should at least act against 10 human pathogenic microorganisms That same year, tests the UCLA Medical Laboratories colloidal silver, and kammen to the conclusion that the tested silver solution at concentrations of only 1ppm already clear antibacterial activity against pathogens.

about 1989 AD: The Army Surgical Research Center in Fort Sam Houston from 1989 to 1996, Dr. Chu, and Dr. McManus by in vivo animal experiments, to observe the effect of electrically activated and non-activated silver dressings on the healing process of burns.

about 1990 AD: Dr. Robert O. Becker biomedical scientists and researchers teaching at Upstate Medical Center at Syracuse University, and published the two sensational books The Body Electric and Cross Currents, in which he describes that silver stimulates bone-forming cells, and that Silver promotes healing of diseased tissue, and both germicidal effect on all infection causing bacteria and fungi.

about 1995 AD: The researcher Dr. M. Paul this year brought out a highly acclaimed textbook entitled The Micro Silver Bullet

about 1996 AD: With more than 34 recognized and reputable medical journals published over 200 articles, which point to the increasing resistance of synthetic manufactured antibiotics, and need to return to natural antibiotics such as colloidal silver. In the same year published the researcher G. Fleming, a study titled Colloidal Silver - The natural antibiotic

about 1997 AD: A further reference book entitled The Hidden Truth follows this year written by a medical journalist name F. Courtenay. He writes about the universal Applicable Colloidal silver, it is a remarkable glimpse of the silver as a remedy, the application, and the clinical research with colloidal silver.

about 1999 AD: The top American Medical Administration (FDA) imposed a sentence of excommunication on colloidal silver and silver salt-containing products, and prohibits the over-the-counter sales as Heilmittel.Kolloidales silver may then offered only as a supplement with no promise of salvation and advertised unless it produces in accordance with applicable regulations before 1938, recipes and information indication, and were expelled.

about 2000 AD: At the University of North Texas was compiled 2 clinical studies of the effectiveness of colloidal silver in the fight against disease-causing pathogens, and the medical world as presented. In the same year at Brigham Young University Studies on the effects of colloidal silver and standardized comparison antibiotics have been created, and also the art submitted.

ca 2002-2003 AD: In a nanocrystalline silver treatment doctors use for surgery at the University of Vienna in AHK a silverplated called Acticoat with success in the treatment of septic wounds

03.11.2012 AD. :The International Journal of Nanotechnology and Dr. Xiaojian Yao reported in the National Post on 03.11.2012 with the silver nanoparticles (silver colloids) coated condoms the above-mentioned viruses completely disable. He reported that the laboratory test all HIV viruses were killed with colloidal silver in a few minutes.

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