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Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal Silver





Gold & Silver

1 kg Ingot

Platin & Palladium

1 kg Ingot

shipping = 8,60 €

Our high-class guarantee

With our high-class guarantee    you are on the sure side !

To one you have with discontent anyhow the first 2 weeks the most full right to exchange goods with monetary return guarantee.

In addition comes our high-class guarantee which can present aforesaid this if the customer to us a product which shows a better effectiveness like ours. Then the most full monetary right of return is entitled to the customer and he can keep the product acquired by us natural. In such case the customer would receive 1000,- €, in addition, from us. By the term of the high-class guarantee see closer under GBC


Their specialised trade for colloid systems

High-class guarantee :

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