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Their specialised trade for colloid systems

Base of colloids :

History of the Silver Colloids :

The first report from the show is the Ruhland, a Swiss by electrolysis of silver salts silver colloids have made, dates back to 1815. Heinrich 1828 Rose then brought the first real insight koloidnega silver. Also Wöhler 1839 has dealt extensively with the very Silvercolloids, and wrote about it. This was followed by many, many more publications, by the year 1937. After that you have Colloidal silver in almost any book could read something more. Practically it disappeared shortly before World War 2, and appeared again in the 70s. And was then in the'90s again profoundly investigated and developed.

Definition of Colloids :

Colloids systems are between the coarse and the dispersions molekulardispersen solutions, and are protected by a particle size of the dispersed phase of 0.1 to 1 μm.

Proof of Colloide :

So fine particles can under the ordinary microscope not seen, this man needed special microscopes as examples. An ultra microscope .. Another method is after (Tyndall phenomenon), in which a light beam Flunking in colloidal solution is visible, and thus also by the reflection colloidal silver particles can be made visible.


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